Insurance Industry

Customer: India's Second Largest Insurance Broker

We created a fresh brand perspective among young gen and drove sales for India's second largest insurance broker, who was struggling to reach the millennial audience. We did this by creating a comic based character, which we then aligned with their brand through social media and influencer management. The result was an increase in overall traffic of 17% with a 34% increase in young gen traffic. Over the course of one month, this generated over 21 million total views and 100+ inbound calls.

Customer: One of the largest general insurance company

At PRA Media, we're always looking for new ways to help our customers get the most out of their marketing campaigns. We worked with one of the largest general insurance companies in the world on an email marketing campaign. We were tasked with improving the open and click rate of their email marketing campaigns. Our first step was to take a look at the data from their previous campaigns. We found that the campaigns had an average of 8-12% open rate, which is very low for email marketing. We also found that the average click rate was 6%.

Our solution was to create a database driven email marketing campaign that would allow them to target specific audiences based on keywords and attributes like location, interests, etc. This gave them much more control over who saw what message and when—that resulted in 32-46% open rates and 8-14% click rates.