About Us

Explore new Possibilities to accelerate your revenue and market presence with our PRA Punch.

Just as an actor without a stage, a Brand is incomplete without its presence.

Welcome to PRA Media, we are a Brand & Media Boutique focused on providing sustainable business growth and scalable market presence.

Based in the center of Ahmadabad, Gujarat, PRA Media has been providing end-to-end solutions to emerging start-ups since 2020. In the last two years with dynamic digital boost, we have polished and sharpened the various nooks and crannies of digital world with services covering the entire Branding and Media requirements, along with Influencer & Affiliate Management, content & video production, and Leads & Sales Management.

78% business use
Digital Marketing to create and sustain business opportunities in the last 2 years

PRA Punch

Pillars of PRA

We create new Possibilities that will accelerate your brand value & reach to growing your business and revenue by 3-30% YoY.PRA Punch for your business now!

Strong Connect

A brilliant idea dies off instantly if one fails to communicate it. At PRA, we ensure a close and transparent two-way communication with you to storm out immaculate ideas and approaches to your business.

Dynamic Deliverables

As the multimedia platforms and trends are constantly changing, along with the conventional tools of media marketing like web design and development, we welcome and incorporate the new waves in the multimedia sphere as well.

Personalized Models

Every company has a unique story and an independent personality. Our team of experts can convey the crux of both with remarkable output. Furthermore, to hit the bull’s-eye in the digital world, you need to tap into your target audience accurately. Our team of media experts narrows down the most effective and efficient ways to do the same.

Here’s how we shape a Business into a Brand

Capture The Unique Identity

The first and foremost step is to understand the personality of the brand and comprehend its true values. We firmly believe in embracing the unique identity of each and every brand to establish a prominent presence.

Extensive Research

Our team of experts will explore and assess the niche market and clientage for the brand. This helps to navigate the right tools in the right direction for impeccable impressions.

Assess The Tools

After the market research, our diverse team analyses the various tools of media such as Digital Marketing (including SEO and SMM), Web designing and development, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, and much more. PRA media also provides an exclusive range of marketing strategies as well, such as; Influencer marketing, Multilingual Marketing, and Performance marketing.


We take a further leap to assist the brand with our constant and keen management ecosystem through various business models, tools, and training. By gauging the engagements and footprints, we constantly work to draw out the best results in every scenario.

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