Education Industry

Customer: Mumbai Based IBDP School & Institution

Mumbai-based IBDP School & Institution wanted to establish their new institute as a ground-breaking space in education. They hired us to help them achieve that goal by establishing their brand as a leader in the field of education, and we delivered.

We started with event outreach and PR, which helped us get the word out about our client's Institute to Teachers all over Mumbai and beyond. We also helped them get a lot of good press coverage on news publications throughout the state. The result was two full events—one at the school itself, and one at Sahara Mumbai—and an established brand perception for our client as leaders in education. Institute leaders got entry in reputed educational societies and organization, at the same time accumulated 8+ awards.

Customer: Ahmedabad Based Pre to Higher Secondary School

We helped a pre-to-higher secondary school in Ahmedabad get 12% more enrols the same year with 18% growth on social media.

We started by placing our Brand Recall campaign, which got the school's brand out into the world. We also engaged with them on social media and optimized their website for search engine optimization (SEO).