Influencer Marketing

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Influencing 60% of your customers with
Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of digital marketing in which brands leverage their current customer base to reach a larger audience. Considered one of the most effective ways (60%+ customer loyalty) to grow your brand’s reach and engagement, influencer marketing can be used effectively for any type of business—from small businesses just starting out to large corporations looking for new ways to boost revenue.

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What opt for Influencer Marketing?

Fast Result

You get results fast because these strategies typically generate thousands of impressions within 24 hours - allowing you to see if your campaign works before committing too much time or money into its success!

Easy Implementation

It doesn't require any technical skills at all - so anyone involved in launching their own project can do this type of thing without having any previous experience in digital marketing tactics whatsoever!

Wide Reach

It can help you reach a new audience that's not familiar with your brand. These people will more likely become loyal customers than those who are already aware of you and your competitors.

Better Conversion

It builds trust between the influencer and their followers, which leads them more likely buy products/services recommended by this person.


It's inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising (such as paid advertising on Facebook) because there are no upfront costs for creating ads or producing videos that will get views from your target audience.

How PRA Media maximizes the results

Let’s take a look at how we put influencer marketing into action for your business and maximize your campaign results.

Right influencers

The first step in building an effective influencer strategy is finding relevant influencers that align with your brand and supporting goals. Influencers will vary from industry to industry and company size; we have a long list of on-boarded and affiliated influencers covering 18+ industries.

Faster Implementation

Once we find an appropriate spokesperson or group of spokespeople who share similar values as yours then it's time determine what type relationship would work best between all parties involved (e.g., partnership vs sponsorship vs endorsement). We hold the conversation upfront and save your time for faster

Meaningful Data

It's important to not only measure your influencer marketing campaign but also its results. We do this by tracking metrics like engagement rates, link clicks, unique visitors per month, mentions across social media platforms, etc. We provide meaningful and result driven data metrics of the campaign from time to time.

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