Digital PR

Increase your brand value and
success chances by 64%

Who needs Digital PR?

Digital PR is best for people who want to get their message out there without paying for advertising. It’s also good for anyone looking to build a positive image or gain support for a cause. From an individual who is trying to promote a book or a Masterclass to all types of business, everyone needs Digital PR.

Run an Online Business?

Got No Budget for Influencer Marketing or Outdoor Marketing?
Whatever your reason is, Digital PR is the go-to for the Digital World.


The bottom line in PR is that Digital PR is a cost-effective, yet powerful tool that helps you tell your story.

Our Digital PR Services

WGetting bloggers and influencers to write about your business Getting journalists to cover your business in their stories, on their blogs, or in their podcasts PRA Media can get it all done.

Digital PR Writing and Publishing

News media Coverage

Newsletters/eNewsletters/Fact Sheets

Blog & Podcast Coverage

Public Relations (PR) is a strategic tool that helps you tell your story to the media and your community. Digital PR is a branch of PR that uses online channels to get your message out there. Digital PR is also an effective way to manage your reputation, build your brand and relationships with key stakeholders, promote a product, service, or event. It’s also known as “online publicity” and it’s a form of marketing that uses media to influence the public.