Corporate Video

Video is no 1 format of communication in 2022.

Make your viewers retain 95% of your message.

Every business needs to have a corporate video. It’s the most effective and engaging way to explain your product, service or idea in just a few minutes.

Video is the best medium to convey your message, communicate with employees and stakeholders, increase sales and boost customer engagement. A good corporate video can help you train better, get more customers, connect with them better, and sell more products or services.

PRA Media


We have a proven track record of producing videos for clients from all over the globe.

Our team has years of experience in video production, animation and post-production services.

We offer multiple packages for our clients to choose from depending on their requirement and budget.

We offer free consultation to all our video clients and the final product is delivered within the agreed upon timeline.

Our Expertise

Explainer Video

Made to help explain a product or service to your audience, be it internal or external. PRA Media will help you create short, engaging and informative explainer videos to educate your employee or customers on your products/services. We will make it just the way you want either an Animated Explainer Video or a Live Shot Real Motion Video.

Promotional Video

Let's say you want to launch a campaign or a brand/product/service internally, without any fuss and marketing. We will produce promotional videos that says the tale you want but with your brand feel and in an entertaining way without being too commercial and with original music.

Training Videos

Training videos are essential for internal and external employee training. We will help you create a training video that is informative, engaging and easy to understand. We will produce it in an animated way or live action with your choice of characters and VO talent.

Stakeholder Presentation Video

We will create a presentation video that highlights the key points of your project or service and can be used to present it to stakeholder. We will produce it in an animated way or live action with your choice of characters and VO talent.

Internal Event Coverage Video

We will produce a video of your internal event that can be used to promote the event internally, as well as externally. We will even add an original music and VO from your choice of VO artist.

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